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Logos & other samples
This is the personal portfolio site of Kevin Baier featuring samples curated for working with Lynn Stirrup and AMT. 

Hispanic Services Council

Working in conjunction with Mustard & Moxie Marketing, reworked the website and branded look of the Hispanic Services Council in Tampa, FL. Check out this video of the entire development process.

Hispanic Services Council homepage
HSC Homepage
Hispanic Services Council logo evolution
HSC Logo Revisions

Find Clarity Here Logo Development 

Below is an example of logo development, how different ideas are proposed and evolve to an effective solution. Website was created to be a differentiator compared to other coaching sites; many coaching sites tend to be 100% personality driven, we led with ideas first.  

Find Clarity Here logo alternate, early proposal, client liked the clean typography
Find Clarity Here logo alternate, early proposal, client liked the FCH lockup idea.
Symbol proposals from the logo presentation. All were considered, two were selected for development, and the West African symbol was eventually chosen as the best representation. 
Find Clarity Here, final logo

GH Partners

Website and logo design. Again, evolved a logo to a more modern and effective lockup for improved messaging.

GH Partners Logo Mark with alternate logo for businesses involving space exploration
GH Partners Homepage
GH Partners Image / Logo for presentations
GH Partners slide deck title slide
GH Partners Space PPT cover

Logo for Meals on Wheels & County Council for The Aging 

Created logo and campaign materials for Meals on Wheels. Also design ad campaign for Whatcom County Council on the Aging and Meals On Wheels.

Meals On Wheels and More Logo
Meals on Wheels on Van
Meals On Wheels, alt logo

Logo and Ad Campaign for private school 

Local school had no digital presence or logo marker. Worked with school to change branding culture and visual identity to evolve and accept promoting their "hands-on" style of learning in the local community. Developed original and evolved version of the "fire flower" mark, led community campaign to emphasize traits of experiential learning, intense curiosity and diverse perspectives. 

Original iteration of logo accepted by administration and faculty
WHWS First Approved Logo
Five years later, evolved version with colors added
WHWS Color
Selected samples of ad campaign for local sites and publication placement, something the institution had never engaged in, formerly having eschewed all forms of marketing.
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