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Trade Show Exhibit Design - Behr Paint, 2018

Designed traveling trade show environment for Behr paint. Initial digital sketch of room with tables tried to create natural environment using the classic WPA National Park posters printed on faux walls, with a banner draped across and above the space. Giant foot letters would stand on their own as impressive objects d'art. The letters were built out of  recycled, highly compressed corrugated cardboard. At six feet tall and two feet thick they could stand on their own and not be in danger of falling over. And, if an over-excited trade show attendee did manage to tip one over, they were not heavy enough to be hazardous. One of those projects I can't believe actually got made, lol.

Presentation mockup, national parks theme.
Behr Den Room- Comp 1
Giant letters and Behr bear in place at live event
Presentation mockup, City Lounge theme
Behr City Lounge Room- Comp 2
Design presentation for an invitation, did not end up going forward, but I am partial to it, would have been fun to build for real!
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