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Kevin Baier
Event Design Samples
Hi Dufour Pastry friends, I put this little sample page together so you could see some event promotion writing and design. Often involved a combination of writing and design, there's a little description for each. Reach out anytime if you have a questions, click on any image to enlarge, thanks for having a look!   

The Big Bash Event Design -  MetroPCS & ZTE

Created the idea for this in-house promotional event for sales teams to get excited about selling ZTE products. There was sizzling barbecue, classic cars, music and giveaways. The idea of a "Big Bash" coincided with ZTE "big" events to promote the size of their phones in the less expensive smart phone market and the party took place in Texas, where everything is big. 

Convention Center Mock Up
Big RockNRoll
Big Cars

Ascensus Trade Show Booth 

Designed portable Ascensus trade show booth featuring projection images, greeting area and private meeting suite. Client chose the clean design to accentuate the purity of the products they were promoting. 

Ascensus Trade Show Booth
Ascensus Booth Alternate view
Ascensus Booth Design

Behr Paints 

Designed many different items for Behr Paint promotional events. Below are a couple of invitation designs and a big exhibit design idea. The exhibit design became the four huge letters plus the bear, these items travelled relentlessly around the USA for years as part of Behr's internal and customer-facing events.  

Behr VIP experience
Behr Mailer Unfolded

Behr Paints - Insert Cards

These cards were custom designed and letter press printed in small batches for each individualized event. The cards were then slotted into the above folding invitation shell and mailed out with bonus redeemable souvenir cards for each event. 

Chicago Insert Card
Denver Insert Card
SoCal Insert Card
Only 30 Spots Card
Dallas Insert Card
Dallas Souvenir Card
Behr Illustrated Invitation

Behr Paints - Exhibition Design & Swag Bag

This exhibition design mockup, later became large cutout letters made of 35 layers of corrugated cardboard. All accessory swag bag was also a necesscity for all events. 

Behr Den Room Mockup Idea
BEHR Giant Letters
Behr Swag Bag

ZTE Coffee Shop Event

Breakfast themed items for internal sales events. The chalkboard concept was for an indoor street side cafe offering coffee, sodas and snacks. 

The Avid Cafe Banner 1
The Avid Cafe Banner 2

ZTE Quartz Watches

Poster/digital slides for giveaway social events. Fun. Silly. Delicious! 

ZTE Donut Quartz Party
The Great Cronut Caper

WBA Banners

Banner designs for Washington county business association, used at all events. 

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