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4th & 5th Grade Social Studies Textbooks, California & National Editions - Pearson, 2016-2018

Part of a large team designing interior page layouts and online activities for social studies curriculum textbooks. Developed initial page prototypes and sketching concept ideas for illustrated chapter openers. After the book pages exited, design team transitioned to building interactive items for student to reinforce concepts: drag and drop quizzes, hotspot popup informational maps, fillable graphic organizers and more. Below are a few sample pages, cannot reproduce interactives since they are behind paywall. 

sketch layout - chapter opener
final layout
lesson opener
Skills page, with annotations for instructor
Some interactives  
Rollover map of Georgia, clicking each rollover triggers a pop-up fact.
Fillable graphic organizer
Draggable Venn diagram
Drag and drop quiz
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