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Minecrafter Activity Books - Sky Pony Press, 2016-2019

Activity workbooks targeting grades K-5 students who are fans of Minecraft. Designed a cover prototypes and interior page templates that were used across some 30-50 titles in this series. (I lost count,more are still being produced!) Did the layouts for thousands of pages of puzzles, math concepts and exercises, reading, grammar and handwriting practice and had my first experience creating dot-to-dot puzzles. I still haven't played the game.

Left: Original activity book cover, there are many derivatives...      Right:  title page from Great Big Fun Workbook
Amazing Activities for Minecrafters Cover
 Great Big Fun Workbook Cover Page
chapter opener spread for Great Big Fun Workbook
Great Big Fun Workbook Chapter Opener
Measurement Concepts from Minecrafter Math Fun
Minecrafter Activities Featuring Dot to Dot!
_-Minecrafter Activities Spread
Minecrafter Puzzles & Activities Spread
Word Problems Practice from Minecrafter Math Fun
Practice Pages from Minecrafter Handwriting
Grammar Concepts from Minecrafter Reading Success
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