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Branding Package & Website Design - R.M. William Talent Solutions 2020-2021

Created new identity and website for executive hiring firm based in Denver and New York. Transformed identity by suggesting the addition of RMW abbreviation to the logo mark and building modern, flexible design. Added custom chevron mark to represent the three partners who run the company who move forward towards talent solutions. Delivered presentation of brand design and color scheme, aligned branded colors from site to printed marketing materials and online presence. Link to site

Created client presentation package intended as leave behind for in person meetings. Four sheets placed in folder with cascading headlines on pages trimmed to different heights in the right side pocket. 

RMW Marketing Folder Design

Pages from presentation package. 

RMW Marketing Insert - Assess
RMW Marketing Insert - Partner
RMW Marketing Insert - Execute
RMW Homepage

Home page design

Logo design & color options

RMW Logos
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